Investment Lifecycle

Trident Multifamily’s investment in time and resources begins long before investors are brought into the process. We begin with a well thought out strategic plan and process for analyzing potential investment properties.

  1. Asset
1 Day – 1 Year
Pre-screen | Drive By | Track Leads
2. Analysis
2 – 6 Weeks
Market Research | Shop Comparable Properties | Assess Value-Add Potential
3. Due Diligence & Negotiations
4 – 8 Weeks
Onsite Inspections | Financial Records Review | Review Rent Roll and Lease 
Contracts | Interview Staff
4. Acquisition
30 – 60 Days
Entity Formation | Negotiate Debt Terms | Contract with Property Management Company | Finalize Value-Add Plan
5. Value-Add / Rehab Reposition
1 – 3 Years
Takeover Property | Transition Staff | Renovation Plan Execution | Frequent Rehab Meetings | Onsite Visits/Reviews
6. Asset Management
2 – 5 Years
Monthly Financial Reviews | Weekly Property Management Calls | Conduct Onsite Visits | Produce Quarterly Investor Statements | Manage Cash Flow | Make Quarterly Investor Distributions | Provide Annual K1s/1099s | Monthly Investor Updates
7. Disposition
6 – 12 Months
Prep Property for Sale | Select Broker | Market Property | Close Sale | Make Final Distribution to Investors

Trident Multifamily’s goal is to align ourselves with long term, passive investors who are comfortable with holding time frames of 3-7 years. Our investments are designed to provide a solid level of cash flow throughout the life of the investment in addition to an equity payout at the time of sale. 

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